How Dating a feminist works

Dating a feminist has it’s ups and downs, but guess what, so does dating any woman. For those of you fellas that want to know how dating a feminist works, then here’s your guide.

Now, to tell you honestly, I have dated a feminist woman before, but I have to say this to you, there is feminism and toxic feminism. Now, if you do not know what toxic feminism is, It’s merely a belief that women are more “Higher up” than men, and it’s solely your job to tell if you’re dealing with one.

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Look at things from a different angle.

If you’re dating a feminist, you better look at things from a different angle, why? Because if you’re watching a movie, reading books, or merely conversing, they might insist that you look at the way things are in a point of view of women.

Books, movies, and even games may be pointed out to you out as sexist out of the blue if you’re dating a feminist, I remember this happened to me while I was out on a date with my feminist ex-girlfriend.

From time to time, they would also point out that they don’t feel equal to men, which gives will give you a functional point of view, I suggest hearing her out and show her that you’re on her side.

Be a feminist

If you’re not into feminism, then be sure to get onboard. Women who are feminists are very motivated people, they have a cause, and I am sure that they would love it if their friends and family can support them.

Feminist women want equal rights, and I think it’s a good thing. If you’re one of those men who don’t like feminism, then I suggest you just walk away and don’t date one.

Feminists women also like teaching you about feminism. They’re happy to learn and happy to show you what feminism is. It could also be an excellent way to bond.

Fight sexism


Feminists are all searching for equality, just don’t be shocked when you hold the door for her, and she does the same to you. For them, women should get the same treatment as men, with respect and trust.

If you’re trying to date a feminist, then you might think that these kinds of things are too much, just take note that to be a better man you must treat others with respect towards their own opinion. Never tell her that men are discriminated against too if you don’t want to cause a fire and start world war three, gender equality is a big deal to a feminist woman, and it’s not a competition, so you better watch it.

The cool thing about dating a feminist is you don’t have to try too hard to be like her; feminist women know that you won’t merely get it, but it’s okay, she might also pick up the bill from time to time, she may also consider asking you out on a date when you play your cards right.

If you don’t know how to tell if a girl likes you, click on the link to learn more.

Keep off the sexist jokes

sexist jokes are one of the things to look out for. I had troubles with this because I had a hard time telling what’s a sexist joke and what is not, here’s an example:

“Next time your wife gets angry, drape a towel over her shoulders (like a cape) and say, “now you’re super angry!”

See? I didn’t think it was harmless at first, but I felt her eyes roll as I told her this.

Girls Rule

Be open-minded.

This is the most important thing that men need to keep in mind, and I say this a lot because I feel like everyone I knew who had a feminist girlfriend always share the same thing, and that’s being open-minded. Understanding plays a significant role in every relationship, and it is essential to understand every gender. Show him/her that you care.

Women have different struggles than men on a day to day basis, and you must show respect and let her know that she means a lot to you. Who knows, maybe a feminist woman might like you.

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