Dating for introverts 101

Introverts are defined as shy, quiet, and reserved which is why some introverted men find it hard to date. If you’re an introvert and would like to date someone or if you want to know how to simply date an introvert, here’s your guide to introvert dating 101

Introvert personality and relationships

Before we start discussing how to date introverts, we need to know what their personalities are first. here’s how you’ll get to know introverts.
Introverts have a personality of being shy, they tend to spend more time by themselves not because they hate society but because they enjoy being with themselves. Introverts also tend to be drained by social interactions, meaning small talks is not their best asset, which is why they prefer writing over talking.
Why is dating hard for introverts? because dating shy people takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. Introverts are also known to be introspective and curious which is why they are often found daydreaming. Studies have shown that introverts are more likely to get depression because they tend to feel more, while it is unclear why introverts are less happy than extroverts.
dating an introvert is not that easy too. Numerous people have reported about dating introverts can be quite horrific. They tend to be slow when it comes to relationships and they tend not to be vocal about their problems, as I have mentioned, small talk is not their best asset.
If you’re dating an introvert or would like to date an introvert, I would suggest that you match the phase of the relationship, dating an introvert can be rewarding and uplifting.
talk about passion

How to date an introvert

So you decided to date an introvert, here’s the list on what to do and what NOT to do.

  1. Take it slow – dating an introvert is not that fast and spontaneous, for introverts, it usually takes time to get to know you and be comfortable with you.
  2. Being shy is normal – By now, you should know that communication is the key for every relationship to work, however, if you’re dating an introvert, it would probably be a good idea to keep asking them a lot of questions, asking a lot of question makes introverts feel anxious. Take it slow with him and respect his boundaries.
  3. If you’re an extrovert, dating an introvert takes work – If you’re into the party scene, you would have to take a step back and hang at home and watch Netflix instead. You have to take note that introverted guys and girls like to stay at home to avoid big crowds. Who knows, you might enjoy it too.
  4. Look for balance in your relationship – Doing the same thing over and over again is exhausting. You should be able to find what you both love and do it at the same time, Finding balance in your relationship is a key element of dating an introvert as this bonds you two closer together.

Dating guide for introverts

if you are an introvert and have a hard time dating, then perhaps it’s time to take a step forward. If you’re asking “Do introverted guys get girlfriends?” the answer is Yes! Not one but many introverts date pretty women and it is reported that it has made them a better person. If you’re ready to date then I suggest you read thoroughly.

Make yourself better

Making yourself better is one of the key elements that you can do before you get yourself a date. As an introvert, you have to know that maintaining good physical and mental health is good for your entire well being
Get a hobby, work smart, practice small talks, and learn something new, not only does this traits attract women, but it also helps your life in general.

Be confident

This is the part where you go and get that girl of your dreams. talk to her, let her know that you existed. in short, have her notice you. Make sure that you talk to your crush about their day and make her feel like they’re special. Since you’re an introvert, people know that you only speak when necessary and you mean business. This is something you can use to your advantage, imagine a serious guy in an action movie, the serious guy in the movies always get the girl because they are strong, confident and when they talk they have a goal.
If you want to learn more about how to tell if a girl likes you, you can read it here.
Your personality is who you are. You should not change who you are but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to improve yourself. taking a step to change your routine that you think would be better for you would be good.

Try to be funny

Being fun to be with will surely get the attention of everyone you know, but if you’re a funny introvert everyone will know that you are mysterious and fun to be, something that we all know girls love. You as an introvert will be very funny because people will see you smile and laugh about your own jokes, and let me tell you that if somebody laughs at your jokes, you will feel a boost of confidence.
Social Life


Is there a dating site/app for introverts?

Yes! There are lots of dating sites for introverts, you can use tinder, bumble and ok cupid, but if you want a more sophisticated dating site that works for you. I suggest you take a look at not only does Zoosk provide an AI that matches your character, but it also provides behavioral matchmaking. Introvert dating apps are just regular apps, that we all use, what you can do however is add that you’re an introvert in the bio.

Should an introvert date an introvert?

The answer depends on the dependability and chemistry of the person, Yes, introverts dating introverts are good but only if you think that’s what you like, if you think you can support someone being introverted then yes! It is a good idea to be happy.
No is the answer if you want to see the world and open up your eyes to new experiences. Finding an extroverted partner is a good thing for you if you’re working out some issues that you have, just make sure you keep the pacing and timing slow so it won’t shock you.


The first date may be awkward to a bunch of introverts, but moving past them is the ultimate goal, you need to visualize it, own it and help yourself understand and take care of introverts.

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