Guys Weekend Ideas

It’s just one of those things you don’t really notice slowly creeping up on you: As we get older, it gets harder and harder to get the gang together, and guys weekends don’t happen as often as they used to. We get it, hanging out and growing up don’t exactly go hand in hand, and the time we have to spend with our friends is more valuable because of that. Taking the time out to plan a banging weekend with friends is an art, so on the rare occasions that the stars align and the conditions are right for the boys to assemble, you want to have the perfect guys weekend to squeeze out every ounce of good times.

But getting all the bang for your proverbial buck is easier said than done. Assembling the guys isn’t always so easy, so when they do, you’ve gotta make your ideas count. Too many meticulously planned guys weekends have fallen apart at the feet of trips that promise more than they can deliver. We’ve waded through the muck and hand-picked our list of best guys weekend ideas, from an urban getaway to a road trip for the ages.

Game Night

Board Game night

One of the simplest ideas on this list, a good old-fashioned game night is easy enough to manage, but planning a guys weekend for the ages takes a little bit more effort. Gather up a collection of different board games, a poker set, and go the extra mile by looking up some parlor games. Ignite the competitive spirit in the guys, from classic board games like Monopoly, or chess if you’re a brainier set, to outrageous modern card games like Cards Against Humanity, there’s a gloriously wide range of games to keep the raucous fun going. Drinking games are also a great option and are easy to order online or at your nearest party supply/liquor store. Beer Pong, King’s Cup, and Drunk Jenga are just a few trusty favorites. If you and your crew are feeling particularly adventurous, role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Avalon are enough to satisfy your hunger for both long campaigns, and shorter games of intrigue and deception. A Game Night weekend wouldn’t be complete without a fully stocked bar, so make sure to stock up on your best buddies’ favorite drinks to make sure both the booze and the good times are always free-flowing.

Beach Trip

It’s almost impossible to have a bad time at the beach. Just thinking about enjoying cool drinks on a warm sand beach is enough to lower the blood pressure. Throw in the boys and some tequila, and you’ve got yourself a reliable recipe for a perfect guys weekend! You’ll have to get a few things ready first. Pack a cooler and a few essentials like beach towels and loud Bluetooth speakers to name a few. A few good beach chairs or inflatable beds go a long way, especially if you bring some shade with you. Parasols or portable tents are cheap and easy to set up and help you establish your turf on the beach. A charcoal grill is a classic beach trip essential, and grilling some hotdogs at sundown isn’t a bad way to meet a few friendly beachgoers of the bikini-wearing variety. Going to the beach doesn’t have to be some expensive getaway to Bali if that’s not what you (or your budget) is into. If you’re lucky enough to be landlocked near a beach or lake or a place you can actually travel to, that is a great place to start. Some areas allow bonfires at night and if you and the boys can manage to pack a few hand shovels, sharing stories around a fire pit you all built yourselves is an experience you’ll cherish for a long time.



You don’t have to travel to New York or Tokyo for you and your friends to see what it’s like to spend a weekend feeling like a bunch of VIPs! Why buy a property when you can just rent the very best real estate the city has to offer and have a boys trip that makes the guys feel like billionaires for the weekend. Search online for five-star hotels or unique properties in your area to AirBnB. Many places offer details online so you can investigate every detail, from location, floor space, and amenities. Narrow down which location suits your needs based on what amenities it has to offer: does it have a pool? Room service? A theater system? Your guys’ weekend will be determined by what kind of place you get, so take your time and explore what ideas come to mind based on what you want to get out of the trip. There are a plethora of options to explore, so hit the barber, put on your best suit, stuff some bills in a money clip, and find the swankiest place for you and your friends to call your boardroom of bedlam for the weekend.

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 War Games

Do you and your buds ever sit around watching Rambo and think “that’s totally me”? Do you ever think you’d be the perfect stand-in for Arnie? Drag your boys out for a weekend trip of the most testosterone-fueled action you can experience without joining SEAL Team 6. Competitive team shooting sports have exploded over the past decade, with paintball being featured in popular mainstream TV shows like Community. Airsoft combat games have also grown to be extremely popular, with many organizations popping up all over the world to feed the global hunger for this exciting sport. Looking for a game site isn’t difficult, there are usually urban and field type sites in and around most major cities. These sites are often patronized by local teams and will provide you and your crew with both the gear and basic training required to kick some serious ass. But why wage war for only one day? By the time the first day is over, you’ll feel like you’re just getting the hang of it, promising that the next day is even more adrenaline-packed than the last! So make a weekend trip to the war games and find a nearby place for you and your friends to crash, platoon style, to prepare for a bonding experience unlike any other. There’s just nothing quite as satisfying as plinking your best bud on the head to cement one of the best man trips available.

Music Festival

It’s not hard to see why music festivals are a great option, because they’re accessible, they happen all year round, and it’s one of those trips for guys that’s pretty self-explanatory. Festivals have exploded all over the world with thousands in attendance over the course of a few days. Whether you’re an audiophile or a casual music lover, they’re a great place to hang out with your friends and meet new people over good tunes. Sure, it’s not the most intimate weekend getaway for the guys to go to, but you don’t travel to a music festival for privacy! You go for the shenanigans, the festival-goers, and of course, the music. It’ll be hard for you or your crew to forget about all the good times you had when they’ve been underscored by great music, and nothing forges a lasting memory like having a song attached to it. Find a nearby music festival and book yourselves some tickets, hit all the stages, and watch all the acts you love for guys weekend you’ll be singing about for years.

Movie Marathon

This is by far one of the cheapest and most accessible guy trips on this list because pretty much everyone has the requirements to get it done right, and there’s more than one way to do it. Anyone with a living room big enough can host the weekend’s festivities, and the only real requirement is a laptop. All other variations on this boys’ weekend will depend on how creative you want to get. Are you going to hook the HDMI up to a giant TV? Are you going to use that neat little projector you got from Amazon to turn the side of your house into a movie screen? Home theater system? Bluetooth speakers? Stock up on snacks and soda for that authentic movie theater experience, then all that’s left is to decide between Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.

Wilderness Weekend

Guys camping

There’s something primal about the timeless tradition of forging memories in the wilderness. Being outdoors and baring the elements with your tribe is as enduring a guys trip tradition as any, and after one weekend under the wild night sky with your friends, you’ll understand why. Planning for a guys weekend in the woods is simple enough. Start by searching for nearby camping locations and check whether the area is what you’re looking for. Campsites will have varying policies depending on which you travel and could mean very different outcomes for your guys trip, so take your time and choose wisely. The presence of hiking trails, restrooms, and wildlife are all important things to consider, but the most important by far is whether or not the site allows for a campfire. As cliché, as it sounds, cooking food and having drinks around a fire in the wilderness, is, as they say, “what it’s all about”.  The perfect getaway for a guys weekend

LAN Party

If you’re old enough to remember LAN parties from your childhood, chances are you already know what a great time this is. While most people today enjoy their friendships playing games online, an entire generation of people grew up lugging heavy computer equipment from home to set up a local area network, LAN for short, their very own private digital battleground. Even though it’s no longer the primary way we enjoy gaming with friends, LAN events are still popular today due to its lack of ‘ping’, also known as lag or server latency, with up to 500 players still participating in big events around the world. Back in their pre-internet heyday, LAN parties were the only way for gamers to get together and play games on the same network, and getting to relive that experience is priceless, which is ironic considering it’s one of the ideas that are relatively inexpensive to execute. All you’ll need is your own router and ethernet cables to connect all of your laptops together and you’ll be spending your entire weekend consumed in Counter-Strike, Quake, Battle Realms, or whatever classic video games delight your inner retro gamer. It’s a guys weekend of nostalgia for older guys, and the perfect way to introduce retro games to younger dudes.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting

So maybe you’re not 19 anymore and you’ve got some responsibilities. Tagged photos of you with your head hanging from a toilet just aren’t a good look anymore, but you’re still searching for an excuse to go drinking with the guys that don’t make you sound like you need a 12 step program. Thankfully, there is a tried and tested, mature version of a weekend bender, and that is the wine tasting. Wine tastings have long been used by respectable adults to swish copious amounts of wine down their gullets under the guise of finery, but we all know it’s just a classy way of getting loaded, pinky out style for a guys weekend getaway. If you live in an area that grows wine then planning a weekend out shouldn’t be a challenge, but if you don’t happen to live close enough to travel to Napa Valley, don’t despair! You can still organize a fun wine tasting weekend with the guys by ordering wine online or buying up some of the fancier fares at your local liquor store, which will likely have the high-end stuff on hand. Break out the cheese and cold cuts, pop on a monocle, and who knows if you and your friends are feeling particularly vinophilic, you might just actually learn a thing or two about wine. Because best friends, like the best grapes, mature together.

Road Trip

When discussing guys weekend ideas there is no experience more quintessential than road trips. It’s just a simple fact of life that the open road forges lasting memories. To start, find a good place to end. A great destination makes for a great journey and finding a meaningful one adds that extra oomph of catharsis at the end of a long and winding trip. You want to find a place that’s actually worth going to, so plan the guys weekend ahead of time. Spontaneous road trips sound like good ideas, but being unprepared for your journey always makes for a ruined guys weekend. Mapping a road trip is half the fun, so be sure to highlight stops along the way you’ll want to see and travel to while the sun is up and watering holes for you and the boys to rest your heads after a day on the road. The ultimate road trip experience demands the perfect playlist, this cannot be overstated, plan accordingly. Once all the preparations have been made, you and the guys just hop into a car, step on the gas and enjoy as the world peels back to give way to the adventure of the open road ahead.

Be adventurous with your friends! Try some activities that are new to your group or find somewhere that you can travel together. The point is, there is no limit to what you can do and can’t do as long as you are hanging with the boys!

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