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Did you ever think what will happen if you passed away? According to research, there is a survey that people in their deathbed have regrets in life, it may be something that you think you should have done, something that you want to say, or something horrible you did. Whatever it is, regret is a guilty feeling and a negative cognitive about bad outcomes, and that where you try to blame yourself for not being better.

In this century, Gen Z became aware of their own self regret causes and they started changing mindset and lifestyle to prepare for a better version of themselves. It becomes too easy to say “I want to get personal growth”. There are many ways to achieve a goal but in a long or short road and how much effort you must put on, therefore, you need a clear goal to work hard for.

Here are some of the self-improvement tips that you can use to make your life better and for you to become a better person.

Identify yourself.

It’s easy to tell oneself that you know who you are, but it’s hard to ask yourself what you want in life. Some people suffer from this a lot, that’s why some people get depressed. You should try to get to know yourself and change or improve every aspect of it.

If you’re still on denial of who you are then you’re only cheating on yourself, you should practice humility, self-improvement or personal development, and self-discipline every day. Not only will you learn new things about yourself in terms of personal growth, but you’re also gonna be immune to drastic changes. Take some time and learn more about yourself.

Focus on your strengths and weakness

To start, make a list of personal S.W.O.T (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). You need to truly explain what your abilities are, how situations may factor, and impact your decisions in life, why, and how they could influence you as a person. Normal people usually put attention to cons and compare pros with other people which is just really underrated and it makes them feel insecure and underestimate their personal strength.

Personal development would’ve been easier if people learn to accept and just change things that would result to self-improvement. The best thing that you should do is weigh your strengths against weaknesses and appreciate life. Choices and decisions are also based on your assets, try to change or improve yourself instead of having negative thoughts and improve your deficiencies as good as others.

Another way to know your strengths is to ask people who work and understand you. It may be your friends, co-workers, partners, or you can try to find a mentor. You can get self-improvement tips from them. Having the right mentor is not crucial to succeed but it is a great way for you to receive training, clarify your career goal, and support your mental health. That is why there is a boost in the mentor/protege training program recently.

Practice your values

Personal values are critical and important when it comes to life, they may be behaviors and characteristics that encourage us to make decisions. For example, you value kindness, so you will try to put people in the center of your decisions and give them time and experience with you.


How to improve oneself

Values are the best thing that you can count on you because you’d feel better if you practice living your values. You may feel uncomfortable and disappointed if you don’t. Living by your values can be applied day by day and can affect serious life choices. There’s so much more to learn in life.

These are some questions to guide you to find out your value:

  • What are you concerning, caring, or interested in your life?
  • What actions or cases are you happy when you experience through? And why?
  • What moments are you proud of?
  • What kind of stories or behaviors inspire you?

Set a goal

You can draw a road map about personal development or make a list on how to improve your life this year, next 3 years, or the next 5 years. Is it too difficult to write it down because you haven’t thought about it before or you don’t know whether your goal is realistic or not?

If you have a big dream and you want to know what is the best way to achieve it you must make a goal first. Without goals, you simply lose track of time, focus and it can lead you in the wrong direction. To attain your target, you need to know how to build it first, practice patience because goal setting is a long and critical procedure, and Rome wasn’t built in a day. With that being said, here are some tips on how to set a goal that will make your life better.

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Make a goal that motivates you

If you have an interesting job and a must-do-job, then I suggest you put time and effort into the interesting one. Setting a goal which you like will give you encouragement to finish things, a good example would be painting if you want to finish the painting that you started then you might find it better if you find some good reference to boost.

Motivation is one great way to start your plan and get the momentum you need in achieving that one change you want. It also creates an aura like feeling around people who practice self-improvement. You will get affected by it and you’d be able to easily do things without thinking too much about the difficult tips you want to follow.

Self-growth take time, and there are so many ways on how you can do it but only you will know how to do it efficiently because it’s not the same for everyone.

SMART goal


self improvements

Special: The goal should be clear and give an overview of all activities involved. These are 5 tips that will help you make it happen:

  • Why it is important?
  • What actions you have to complete in a goal?
  • Where does it happen?
  • Which resources can be used in the process?



Measurable KPIs help you keep yourself accountable and visible to measure success.

Attainable goals must be carefully planned out to challenge your competency. Completing one task gives you the motivation to continue others, otherwise, it may demotivate you.

Relevancy is the step that ensures your goal aligns with other purposes and your lifestyle, which is under your control and together support one common goal – self-improvement.

Set a realistic timeline. There will be some moderate tasks and some might come in a blur if you did not set a timeline for your improvement process. Timeline forces you to follow strictly and helps you view your task alignments.

Build your habit

Once you finished the very first step to self-development by assessing your self-awareness and goal setting The next step is to build a routine to complete your goals in life. In this part, there are some methods to make it easy.

  • Bullet journal

To prepare a purposeful and effective day, write actions that have been done in a day and week according to the timeline you did build in the previous session. Make a bullet journal is as specific as possible because you can implement tasks more simply.

  • Google Calendar

In 4.0 decent, digital tools are indispensable to personal life. You can transfer all jobs, meetings, dates, etc., to Google Calendar as an event, which helps you set the priorities and duration for each task. Moreover, you can set the alarm 10 minutes before an event starts, therefore, you will be aware and arrange your life logically and build up your capacity about the big picture.

  • Forest

Forest is the application to keep your time to do a job and you may feel each second more efficient because you have to finish in the amount of time set by you.

If you are a plant lover, you may feel in love since the time is up and you plant one tree on your phone, after all, you have a forest with various plants inside.

Have a mindset

It is important to have a mindset when it comes to achieving a goal. Program your mind to do things accordingly. It is easier to adapt to change when you have a set of rules or tips to follow. Listed below are additional self-improvement tips.

  • Discipline

Having to learn to change yourself for the better will take not just common tips but also a lot of discipline. The youth always complains that they cannot manage time well, stress with a deadline, and while there can be billions of reasons not to complete a goal. Those people may lack self-management or discipline. Learn to set rules for yourself.

Discipline pushes people to lead a very orderly life and keep them focused and active in even a small job. You can arrange time reasonable time for both intensive jobs and leisure activities.

  • “Can do” mindset

Self-improvement is a process, in which you set a goal, get a doubt, meet a late deadline, fail to achieve, etc. however, Once you figured out a goal and you started to implement your goal it that give you a success of least 50%.

Learn lessons from failures and keep practicing until you make it perfect.

” Can do” mindset is that you dare yourself to do incredible things, give encouragement, and be able to cope with challenges no matter tough they are. Not only do you win at life, but you also improve yourself.

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Life is changing every day, it innovates continuously, many new things are created in the blink of an eye, therefore, self-study prevents you from getting stuck. You have a chance to study at University, but try to take some time and learn in daily life, online courses, mentors, the younger, everything, everyone. It is much better to learn things in person. You will get to have more experiences and apply the tips in real life.


Exercising daily not only helps you physically, but it also helps you mentally. It’s also a good thing because it sends out a signal to your potential mate that you have respect for your body and your well-being. Make sure that you exercise at least daily or weekly to see the results, again, physical fitness is a lifestyle.


Personal development is all about having to get to learn and change the things you can improve on yourself. Instead of focusing too much on your personal weakness and other people’s strength, you should take time to appreciate yours. Self-development is not a one-night thing. It will take time. Just do things in your own way. Follow the tips, take action, and Trust me, big change will come and life will get better.

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