How to Seduce A Woman

There are a few men who need this more than I do, that’s why I’m creating this content for all of you. I need to because not all of you are aware on how this world works and want to jump in on how to seduce a woman, well, let me tell you this, there are way too much to consider when seducing a woman, with that being said, here’s a guided procedure on how to seduce any woman.

Please note that I do this because somebody requested this article and I have no intention of objectifying women and to make it fair, I would also create a Guide on “How to Seduce men.” for all the women there who need help.

Feel confident about yourself

When I mentioned that you need to be confident about yourself, I want you to know that this does not only affect your success in seducing a woman but it also affects your success in life it also gives you a boost in positive body language that makes you look good, just take a look at some successful entrepreneurs. Not only that they score way too much but they make more money, we can simply say that seducing women is a beautiful side effect of success.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to be as rich as bill gates to feel confident around the ladies, just make sure that there’s something to be confident about will send a signal to women that she can keep you, something that will make a woman think that this man is confident enough to face her friends.

The real reason a woman looks at a man’s confidence because it’s a good indicator that he can provide for her, protect her and it shows her that you can stand on your own.

If you want to learn how can you tell if she likes you click the link for the full guide!

Get to know her

While people say negging works, I’m afraid that’s not the second step. There are certain rules about negging women, but before you do that, I need you to put your charm on.

Read our full guide here on how negging a woman works.

Be confident and approach her, by approaching her you’re letting her know that she has the potential to be with you based on her looks, now, you have to test her mentally, is she smart, do you have a connection or can you take her in a more serious relationship? you do NOT want to hook-up with a crazy person.

With that in mind, ask her some questions that will engage her mind. Not only does this turn her on, but it does help her know for a fact that the man she’s with is smart enough to not get in trouble, smart enough so he can provide for the family and smart enough for her friends and family.

Psychological tricks

Use Psychological Tricks

When I said psychological tricks this doesn’t mean you have to hypnotize her or con her. This is simply using science for her to subconsciously like you. Here are some tips on what to do:

Make Her Laugh

By making women laugh their brain releases oxytocin, the same hormone that’s responsible for creating romantic attachment or make you feel “love.”

This is also what makes women want you, because if a man can make you happy, then she would not live a boring life. Just take a look at some funny men that you know, they almost always score more than your average fella.

Mirroring Technique

This technique is inserted within the subconscious of all, this is the part where you mirror her moves like if she touches her hair you do the same, but you need to be very smooth about it, another example is to follow the style of how she sits.

This embeds to the subconscious that you two are more alike and the two of you are meant to be partners.

Braking the touch barrier

This trick is a part of the keno escalation method, this is how you touch her in a non-sensual way that surely escalates to a sexual way. But you have to be careful almost all women is self-conscious, you might think you do it smoothly but the truth is, she might be creeped out by it.

If you want to learn more about keno escalation, Read the full Guide on how to do it.

While these are just some psychological tricks that you can do, make sure you don’t overuse them, always be smooth in making her subconsciously like you.

Eye contact

Eye Contact

 We all know that having you inside her brain is a good game, unfortunately, that’s not all. Eye contact is probably the hardest task made by beginners, I knew this because I too had troubles in this part, I really cannot explain why, but before I played this game I was also awkward.

Here’s how to do it effectively, make sure that the inner caveman in you is active, think of yourself as a hunter in a hunter and the lady of the night is your prey, once you’re talking to your prey look at them straight in the eyes every time you have something important to tell her.

Not only does this emit wild sexual energy it also shows that you are serious and should not be played with.

Talk about your passion.

 Everyone has a passion and everyone has a milestone in their life with that said fashion, it can be that you have your own website, you’re a Ph.D. graduate, or you own a small business. Literally anything that gives you respect to yourself can be used as a weapon to seduce a woman

The main reason why you need to is that girls get turned on when you establish something because it tells them one thing, that you’re a doer and not just a talker.

If you wish to lie about your passion then you won’t be as successful, you see girls can tell if you’re lying, you might slip too, which is dangerous and a “big no-no.” Also, be careful in doing this and always keep in mind that you have to be humble at all times.

talk about passion

Provide her compliments

I can assure you that everyone wants to hear a good fashion compliment, but did you know that there’s a different kind of compliment if you want to get laid? Here are some examples of how to compliment someone that will increase your chances of seducing her on:

–      I like your hair that way.

–      I like the way you play.

–      I like your taste

–      I love how smart you are.

As you can see in my example, I stay away from complimenting physical attributes, why? Because that part is done, I’m already satisfied with her physical attributes, now she needs to know that I admire her personality and nothing seals the deal more than this.

When giving her compliments make sure that you look serious, look at her straight in the eyes, and smile sweetly.

Know your worth

Know your worth

This is my most favorite part of seducing a woman, this is how you can show the girl that you have something up in your sleeve and she can’t see it. Now, this creates an illusion that you are mysterious and you respect yourself more than anything else.

You have to take note that if a man knows his worth, he knows that there are priorities far more important than the girl he wants to sleep with, no matter how hard they try they always find business important than hooking up, as should you.

You should also stand your ground when needed and do not let her lead you. It’s your game and she’s playing with you. You should not let her push you where she wants you, it’s your role as a high-value man to be the best leader that you can be.

The reason why you should do this is that girls find it attractive when they see a busy man, it shows how good they are when it comes to decision making, which is hardwired for a woman’s brain, this makes her feel that “wow, he’s really serious in his career.”

To make it more simple, if you want to seduce women, the basic law of supply and demand should be created. a supply of your “limited but meaningful interaction with her” will make a demand for “her attention.”

Dress to impress

Dressing up very good should be a no brainer, but as a matter of guidance, I will just simply put it here. I can tell you also that in my experience, this is really hard.

Dress to impress


You see, when I was starting out I used to dress comfortably, and that way I feel good for myself, I’m confident. However, I started having girls that only sees me as a friend, why? because I look like a really comfortable guy to be with even though I wear baggy t-shirts and shorts. Then, I tried wearing polos and khakis, you know, smart casual and I observed that there are changes when I changed my clothing style.

I almost always go for the business casual look if I’m going outside because it makes a woman curious as to how you would dress up if you’re on formal clothes and how you would look like in shirts.

However, you need to be comfortable with your clothes, choose the best one that makes you comfortable, go for cotton or silk, that depends on you.


While there’s a 50/50 ratio of women who prefer men with beard vs those who prefer a clean shave, it all boils down to your proper grooming. proper grooming and deciding what style to fit you definitely is your choice. No one can do anything if you don’t want to change.

If you decide to go with facial hair, then, by all means, make it look clean, there are numerous hair products for facial hair and there are plenty of facial beard styles that might suit you.

You also want to invest in some good cologne, just make sure that you smell good on it, chances are your friend’s cologne might not smell nice on you. So Invest in some good cologne and you will see a big difference, however, if you don’t have the cash to spare then I suggest a good smelling deodorant first, just avoid deodorants and perfumes that smell too much.

If you really want to seduce a woman, you can check out our review products to find out what suits you.

Talk about Sex

Since we’re talking about how to seduce women, we might as well get to brass tax and end game here. here’s the most important part of the game, this is where you hopefully seal the deal. and to help you all out, I will lay it simple and easy.

Sexy Grapefruit

Play truth or dare

Play the truth or dare, you don’t even have to ask if she wants to play, just ask her “Truth or dare” almost 90% of the time women find it engaging, Here’s how to do it, now the first answer of truth or dare is 99.9% truth, then you ask a non-sense question while smiling something like “What’s your favorite drink” she then answers, by this time her guard is down and she will feel like you’re harmless.take that chance to ask vividly about her sex life.

Ask her her thoughts about sex

This is far easier for me than doing any kind of play honestly, the deal with this is, this needs your undivided attention and you have to initiate it. I can assure you that every time you seduce a woman you need to make her feel like (in certain cases) she’s special, every woman on earth would want to feel this.

Keep in mind that from time to time men need to provide as much for the women. So, what do you do? You make eye contact and begin asking her questions.

Avoid asking weird questions right away like “What are your kinks,” “what’s your favorite sexual position” at least be sure she’s comfortable first.



Keep in mind that it takes a lot of practice to seduce women, you might not get it on the first try but what you have to do is try and improve your game, over time you will get there. because that’s exactly what I did. Also, screen a woman first before you seduce her. She might be taken or married which has complications, just remember real men have honor.

Don’t be down when you get turned down by a woman, just remember that there are more women than men. I’m quite sure that she’s not the only one you will seduce in this life. just don’t try to think of it much.

It would also be beneficial for you to think that she will always say “no” to you, however, you have to place it at the back of your mind, this will help you get that feeling “in case I can’t score it’s okay.” come back out there and try again. Even if you were successful in your

Unlike men, women are more emotional (This is proven as a fact, please don’t diss me) this is why as men have to appeal to their emotional side rather than the physical side (although it also helps) and make our women feel like a princess as this plays out a great deal on seducing women too.

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